Is tempo wireless much better now that they altered the name from lightyear wireless

23 Apr 2015 03:32

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You are on this page due to the fact that you have been approached by someone that is suggesting this company or you discovered it on the internet however you want a consultation about it. In this Tempo Wireless Review, you are going to get a 3rd party objective review due to the fact that unlike many people out there, I am NOT connected with this business. Find out if Tempo Wireless is for you.

Tempo Wireless Review
Tempo Wireless Review— The Company

Web site:

if you didn't understand this already, Tempo Wireless was formerly referred to as Lightyear Wireless. The factor for the brand name modification was to target the mlm market with "TEMPO WIRELESS". This brand-new launch of this division happened in 2013 therefore far the company has actually been doing fairly well.

The major focus with this company is "No agreement and Lifeline Wireless". To comprehend what that indicates, let's dig into the product side shall we?
Tempo Wireless Product Line

Like all the excellent mlm business out there, the item has to be in demand for it to do well in the marketplace. Face it, if your item does not sell, you will certainly starve.

This isn't the case with Tempo Wireless since the market is enormously in need! More individuals have actually cell phones compared with computers now!

The very first product line is called "LIFELINE".

This is geared towards people that are at or below the poverty line or those who are on some type of government assistance.

This is actually a terrific idea because you don't need a agreement month to month to run a cellular phone. Simply puts, there are no credit checks so more people can qualify.

Tempo Wireless Service prepares:

The services prepares range from $20 all the way to $59.99 a month. Like I said previously, there is no agreement with this and you can cancel at any time.

Right here is a excellent illustration on their strategies:

Temp Wireless Service Plans

Now that you understand exactly what the items are everything about, let's learn exactly what business opportunity is everything about!
Tempo Wireless Review— Company Chance

Like all mlm business, Tempo Wireless has a compensation plan you can take part in when you decide to purchase one of their business bundles. Plans vary from $25 to $499 and depending the plan, you will get more and more advantages in their compensation plan.

There is a monthly without $49.99 to take part in their compensation plan, this is called an auto-ship.

Right here, instead of me rambling on the compensation plan …

The compensation plan is great, but it's still on the lower side of things compared with many business. The good idea is, the cost point of signing up with is extremely low as compared to many mlm business out there meanings that it's an simpler sell overall.

Plus, having a mobile phone plan nowadays is in high demand and people are willing to change business if they discover a better rate.
Tempo Wireless Scam— This a truth?

When a company alters it's name over numerous years it can be a red flag, however after investigating this company … it's far from a scam.
tempo wireless review

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